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A New Professional Cleaning Organisation Emerged

This February, a new professional organisation was established for those engaged in professional cleaning, be it the cleaning service providers or cleaning equipment suppliers. It aims to be a trade-independent professional platform to raise public awareness in the field of cleaning, both of the general public and professionals, defend the cleaning industry interests before lawmakers, and try to improve business conditions in this field. The establishment of a new professional association for everyone engaged in professional cleaning was something that had been in the air for a long time.

The reason behind this was dissatisfaction with the association that, according to critics, is dysfunctional – which is evidenced by the decreasing number of members over the recent years. Radovan Anděl, one of the founders of the Czech Cleaning Union and organiser of the Cleaning Show which was premiered last September in Hradec Králové, also relates to this: ‘I tried to establish cooperation with the association while preparing the event but regrettably it showed impossible. No answers to my e-mails and telephone calls, even though I repeated them many times.’ At the time he tried to get in touch with CAC to organise the trade fair, and he met other people who shared his perspective on CAC. He felt there was a need to have a functional professional organisation. But no one had founded it yet. Radovan Anděl started to play with an idea to establish an alternative to CAC if the trade fair takes place.

As evidenced by the successful Cleaning Show, the idea and action go hand in hand, and the Czech Cleaning Union was born. We interviewed its chairwoman Alice Žertová to find out what the Union’s goals are and how to develop the cleaning industry. Are you interested in the new professional organisation? Do you wish to learn more? Please send your questions to

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