Interview with the Cleaning Show Organiser

The idea to organise a trade fair or a professional meeting focusing on the cleaning industry came to our minds some ten years ago.

Where did the idea to organise the cleaning show come from?

The idea to organise a cleaning show or professional meeting came to our minds some ten years ago. Regarding the fact that we have been in the industry for about thirteen years, being natural persons for the first ten years, it was rather shortly after we launched our cleaning business.

It is logical. When we started with cleaning, we were looking for information about new methods and where to buy the right machines, chemical agents, mops, etc. – what parameters where important, what is good, what to avoid…

There was no trade fair for cleaning companies in the Czech Republic. There were some attempts every now and then, but they were mostly unsuccessful because the event organisers were not much interested in the cleaning industry. They did not put their hearts into it which was reflected in the ‘success’ of each such event; most of them were unprofitable and ended after the first year.

Does cleaning need a trade fair? Is there any sense to try to organise an event like this?

Absolutely. We read somewhere that the cleaning industry is the second largest. All other industries (from the automobile industry to the construction industry and tourism) have their trade fairs and congresses. Despite its extremely important role, the cleaning industry has none.

But each industry needs a healthy competitive environment for its growth as well as a professional platform to share experiences, learn new things, and discuss the problems that all the cleaning market players face.

Moreover, the cleaning companies must have an opportunity to get hands-on experience with new technologies and compare the pros and cons of competitive solutions – ideally meeting at one place. These are the reasons to organise a cleaning trade fair.

Who Is Expected at the Cleaning Show?

Among the exhibitors will be the suppliers of the equipment for professional cleaning – producers and sellers of cleaning machines, producers and vendors of chemical detergents and other equipment – protective equipment, bags, brushers, etc.

Visitors will mainly be interested in the cleaning companies representatives. Facility management, owners and managers of hotels, healthcare facilities, retirement homes, etc. – simply everyone who cares about the cleaning and care of their property – will definitely find the show interesting.

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